QHHT and Ritam Bhara Pragya

A client sent me the following after looking into how QHHT works. This state that Maharishi refers to as Ritam Bhara Pragya seems what Dolores Cannon discovered, which she calls the subconscious or the higher self.
Here is something beautiful that Maharishi said at Kumbha Mela 1966 (audio 2/4) a:

Ritam Bhara Pragya

MAHARISHI: When we talk of ‘glow’ we talk in terms of seeing, vision. Of course feeling is not eliminated. But seeing dominates the experience.

We never look forward to “glow”..never. Otherwise it won’t “glow”. And in that subtle state of mind, because mind is so powerful, if you think something, immediately it will come. But we don’t want to think anything unless we become grounded in the perception of the celestial field of life.

Having been profoundly established on the experience of the celestial, then of course we could wish to see something here and there. And then just by our thought this thing will flash in its reality, in whatever form. That state of intellect is called ritam bhara.

There was that point some day to express more clearly what ritam bhara pragya is. Ritam means satyam. Satyam means “truth”. Bhara (..?) which accepts only the truth. That state of intellect which only accepts the truth, or which only reflects the truth. In that state only the truth is reflected.

That ritam bhara pragya is that state of the intellect, which conceives or perceives things as the are. In that state of celestial experience if Krishna comes, then he is real Krishna. If Shiva comes he is real Shiva. If Divine Mother comes, she is real Mother Divine. There is no mental hallucination, there is no other than the real form in that perception.

Until that thing has happened we don’t want to desire to see anything. Otherwise, much before that state is gained, you could desire and something flashes, but there won’t be guarantee for truth of it. Something may be right, something may be wrong. Therefore we don’t think to see anything until the celestial vision becomes clear.

And once that is clear, anything could be seen in that state. We desire something and it is there in it’s true color. There won’t be any mistake in there.

That state of finest mind is called intellect. Much grosser than that also is said to be intellect (but) that is decisive. That (ritam level) is very fine state of mind. The thought will be materialized very quickly.

There are two aspects of materialization of a thought. One is the fulfillment of the thought the other is the material perception of the thought. Both will happen. But as long as ritam bhara pragya has not been fully developed, perception may be faulty, may be faulty. There won’t be 100% guarantee for its truth.

So we allow it to develop. With regularity of practice it develops automatically. These are the fields where we don’t force. (By) forcing we may be mislead and may not be developed systematically.

Question: The other evening you said that ritam bhara pragya would be something even beyond the celestial and you said that what would be responsible for the knowledge of “I am all this”, so to say….

MAHARISHI: from there (the finest relative-celestial) to that extent (“I am all this”), all the way

Question: It is both celestial and beyond celestial?

MAHARISHI: Because in the celestial (is) the materialization of the thoughts. Thoughts pertaining to relative life, anything pertaining to relative life, anything seen, anything known, anything in the relative field. That also dawns in its true reality, in its truth.

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