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The QHHT session with Snjezana far exceeded my expectations. She first guided me in establishing the questions, and then went on to conduct the session smoothly, compassionately, and professionally. I was able to relax completely. Blockages and patterns clearly showed up and were released, and multiple profound healings occurred, the effects of which continue to manifest in my daily life. Most importantly, for years now I have had very low energy levels, making it difficult to work. Immediately after the session, my energy levels began to increase, and they continue to do so. Now I can have not only a productive day, but many productive days in a row, like a “normal” person, and without the need to lie down in the middle of the day. In addition to all this, some “surprise” information came up in the session as well. And to think I’ve never been attracted to any kind of hypnosis before. But this is different; one truly feels that the information comes from one’s own Higher Self, and one’s free will is never tampered with, nor are any kind of suggestions made. I would highly recommend this work to anyone who has a desire to delve more deeply into their own Self, no matter where they currently are on their spiritual path.
Rose R.


I just wanted to thank you form the bottom of my heart for performing what I consider to be a miracle.

First, you gave me back my physical body after you realigned my Atlas. It has been a major turning point in my life for me, one that I can never forget. The date of July 5, 2013 is etched in stone for me.

When you helped me with the Quantum Healing session to connect to my Higher Self, this was a profound experience that touched my soul right to its core. I still am trying to process all the gifts that resulted from this session.

My physical body feels healthy, happy and elastic. Everything functions optimally. My personal Yoga trainer cannot believe the progress I have made and so quickly.

My chakras are clear and strong, particularly my heart chakra that appears to have expanded in a major way. I feel I have established a connection with my higher self the size of a tree trunk. I feel connected to my Higher Self and I feel her presence in this chakra. I used to feel disconnected and alone. Now I feel connected to everything and my intuition has also heightened.

I still carry in my physical body and in my emotional self the gifts that I received from the 3 lifetimes my Higher Self recalled to help me in this lifetime. The loving and caring marriage I was in with all the emotions I felt intensely in my heart chakra provide the blueprint I needed to be able to be in a loving relationship, not having had the opportunity to be raised in a loving family environment.

I am feeling Joy and Peace in my soul, as well as a strong sense of being a powerful human being, a divine being, inside my solar plexus and my heart chakras. I feel close to my guides after having met them. To sum it up, I wish that everyone could be lucky enough to experience a Quantum Healing.

Zana, I know I have told you this before, it is worth repeating: I feel you are one of God’ earth angels who is here to assist us all to become who we truly are, to remove the blocks that hold us back and get us going on our Journey. Your gentleness, dedication, and loving kindness make you a loving and trustworthy practitioner, a one-of-a-kind healer. I felt safe and in good hands as we went through the Quantum Healing session.

With much sisterly love,



Thank you so much for the Past Life Regression/Contacting my Subconscious. I really feel and have an ‘inner knowing’ that the door to my subconscious is now ‘wide open.’ I feel that there are aspects of myself that are open and much more easily accessible than ever before.
When I came home Sunday, I was exhausted. I talked to my wife & daughter a bit about my experience and then I went to bed and slept until supper! For most of yesterday and again today I have been feeling pressure in my head at different spots and at times pulsing. I am sure that this is all to do with the experience yesterday and the continued internal transformation occurring.
My little ‘logical aspect’ sees only the exterior and as we talked yesterday, it started right away to judge (that’s what it’s good at!) but now as the experience and the after effects of yesterday are making themselves manifest in my consciousness I know there is something much deeper & profound going on. The image that comes to mind is of the ‘logical aspect’ seeing only the top of the iceberg while the vast majority of it really exists, unseen, at a much deeper level.
I will update you again as things develop!

Yours in Love, Light & Blessings,


Zana’s natural warm personality made me feel very comfortable as I started to explore the answers to all of my questions. She guided me effortlessly through the entire session with ease and professional assurance.
What an amazing experience! Can’t wait for my next session to continue further on my spiritual journey!
Lynne B.

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